Vol. 49 N° 1 - Jan/Feb/Mar - 1981


1- Histology of the Fernandez reaction. An appraisal

J. Thomas; M. Joseph; K. Ramanujam; C. J. G. Chacko; C. K. Job

2- Aspiration cytology of lymph nodes in leprosy

Subhash Kumari Gupta; Bhushan Kumar; Surrinder Kaur

3- Borderline tuberculoid leprosy following BCG vaccination. A case report

Gerald L. Stoner; Ayele Belehu; John Nsibambi; Jan Warndorff

4- Evaluation of a new blood test for its potential to indicate leprosy infection prior to the appearance of clinical symptoms

Claude V. Reich; Ricardo S. Guinto; Roland V. Cellona; Tranquilino T. Fajardo; Monina G. Madarang

5- Circulating immune complexes detected by Clq solid phase assay in leprosy

Mario Nuti; Raffaele D'Amelio; Rosalba Seminara; C. F. Milano; Lucia Palmisano; Fernando Aiuti

6- Hormone profile in lepromatous leprosy. A preliminary study

Raj Rolston; M. Mathews; Phyllis M. Taylor; T. S. Koshy

7- Renal functional status in lepromatous leprosy

A. K. Bajaj; S. C. Gupta; S. N. Sinha; D. C. Govil; U. C. Gaur; R. Kumar

8- Low serotonin uptake by platelets in leprosy and a new approach to prevent it

Lenke Szabados; Jean-Marie Launay; Madeleine Mester; Franηois Cottenot; Jean Pennec; Laszlo Mester




20- Reply to Dr. Harboe's and Dr. Gloss' Letter to the Editor

Thomas M. Buchanan; Thomas P. Gillis; Harlan D. Caldwell

25- Adherent suppressor cells in polar lepromatous leprosy

Pierre-Richard Ridel; Pierre Saint-Andre; Gerard Baquillon; Claude Ferracci; Pierre Boucher

27- Respiratory reflexes (breath holding time)in leprosy

Suresh K. Malik; Surrinder K. Jundal; Bhushan Kumar; Surrinder Kaur



30- Book Reviews

E.J. Shannon



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