Vol. 44 N° 1-2 - Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May/Jun - 1976


1- Preface

Charles C. Shepard


2- Editorial Note

Olaf K. Skinsnes




9- A31 cell as a host of Mycobacterium lepraemurium and Mycobacterium leprae

T. Ito; H. Nomaguchi; Y. Tanaka; K. Kohsaka; T. Mori

11- Binding of 14C-Labeled dopa by Mycobacterium leprae in vitro

K. Prabhakaran; E. B. Harris; W. F. Kirchheimer

13- In vitro cultivation of leprosy bacilli

Olaf K. Skinsnes; Eiichi Matsuo

29- DDS resistance in Ethiopia - a progress report

J.M.H. Pearson; W.F. Ross; R.J.W. Rees

32- M. leprae persisters after treatment with DDS and rifampicin

S. R. Pattyn; P. Dockx; M. T. Rollier; R. Rollier; F. J. Saerens

34- Experience with acedapsone (DADDS) in the therapeutic trial in New Guinea and the chemoprophylactic trial in Micronesia

D.A. Russell; R.M. Worth; G.C. Scott; D.R. Vincin; B. Jano; P. Fasal; C.C. Shepard

41- Taxonomic studies on the leprosy bacillus

J . L. Stanford; G. A. W. Rook

43- Dermal exudate macrophages: induction in dermal chambers and response to Lymphokines

M. Goihman-Yahr; M. Ulrich; A. Noya-Lιon; A. Rojas; J. Convit

45- Production of anti-M. leprae antibodies in man and mice under the impairment of cell-mediated immunity

Masahiqe Abe; Fumis hige Minagawa; Yuji Yoshino; Toshiharu Ozawa; Nanako Saito; Yoshiko Osawa

46- Defective leukotaxis in patients with lepromatous leprosy

Peter A. Ward; Sandra Goralnick; Ward E. Bullock

49- Cell-mediated and humoral immunity in "reversal reactions."

R.StC. Barnetson; G. Bjune; J.M.H. Pearson, G. Kronvall

50- Preliminary results on the safety and efficacy of transfer factor in leprosy

R. C. Hastings; M. J. Morales; E. J. Shannon; R. R. Jacobson

51- The WHO Program for Research on Immunology of Leprosy (IMMLEP)

H . Sansarricq; G. Torribgiani; J. Walter; R. J . W. Rees

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