Vol. 56 N° 2 - Apr/May/Jun - 1988


2- Tetanus in leprosy patients: report of five cases

Richard M. Hodes; Befekadu Teferedegne

3- Illness beliefs of leprosy patients:use of medical anthropology in clinical practice

Thomas C. Neylan; Kenrad E. Nelson; Victoria Schauf; David M. Scollard

4- Cataract surgery on leprosy patients

Nivrutti Suryawanshi; J. Richard

5- Seroepidemiological studies of leprosy in Northern Malawi based on an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using synthetic glycoconjugate antigen

Paul E. M. Fine; Jorg M. Ponnighaus; Peter Burgess; Jacqueline A. Clarkson; Christopher C. Draper

6- A passive hemagglutination test for leprosy using a synthetic disaccharide antigen

Bencha Petchclai; Kalayanee Khupulsup; Supaporn Hiranras; Surasak Sampatavanich; Prasert Sampoonachot; Amorn Leelarusamee

7- Activity of ofloxacin against Mycobacterium leprae in the mouse

Jacques H. Grosset; Claire-Cecile Guelpa-Lauras; Evelyne G. Perani; Corinne Beoletto

9- Partial characterization of antigens from M. leprae evoking IgG and IgM antibodies in armadillos

Abdul R. Vadiee; Edward J. Shannon; Thomas P. Gillis; Robert C. Hastings

10- Nerve damage induced by mycobacterial granulomas in guinea pig sciatic nerves

Sally A. Cowley; Colin Butter; Susan Verghese; Jill Curtis; John L. Turk

12- Reproducibility of histology in leprosy lesions

Ian A. Cree; T. Srinivasan; S. A. R. Krishnan; Carol A. Gardiner; Jal Mehta; Crispin A. H. Fisher; J. Swanson Beck

13- Histologic responses in sixty multibacillary leprosy patients inoculated with autoclaved Mycobacterium leprae and Live BCG

Wayne M. Meyers; A. Colin McDougall; Raul N. Fleury; Rene Neves; Oscar Reyes; Chapman H. Binford


14- Leprosy vaccine-a reappraisal

Noshir H. Antia; Tannaz J. Birdi


16- Clovis Bopp 1913-1984

Rubem David Azulay


19- Dapsone susceptibility of Mycobacterium leprae isolated before 1977

Ji Baohong; E. C. de la Cruz; L. Levy; S. R. Pattyn; R. J. W. Rees




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