• Volume 61 , Number 3
  • Page: 477

Book reviews

Mehta, J. M., Dhamangaonkar, S. S. and Jogaikar, D. G. Solapur Comprehensive Leprosy Project: Prospect and Retrospect. Pune, India: Poona District Leprosy Committee, 1993. Softbound, 90 pp., black and white illustrations. Available from Poona District Leprosy Committee, 35 Manisha, 2A Moledina Road, Pune 411001, India.

"After publishing the book entitled An Epidemiological Review of Pune Urban Leprosy Investigation Centre it was necessary to consider that a similar report of our Solapur Project from 1980-1991 would be an important resource material for those involved in the study of this disease, especially its epidemiology and control in an urban situation. This report is now published as Solapur Comprehensive Leprosy Project: Prospect and Retrospect, and the methodology followed in this project is mainly based on the survey, education, treatment (S.E.T.) pattern embellished with certain other features in the form of intensive health education, good treatment centers, mini-rehabilitation and vocational training.

"To bring all the data into one small volume was not an easy task, and my co-authors Mr. S. S. Dhamangaonkar and Dr. D. G. Jogaikar were very helpful in the writing and compilation of this book.

"Dr. M. P. Dandare, with his expert knowledge of biostatistics, spared no effort in assisting with the book, while Dr. N. Y. Honap and other staff of the project contributed in maintaining readable records, without access to which this publication would have been stillborn.

" 'Prospect and Retrospect' give the reader some idea of the work already done and the measures to be taken in the future for the containment of this disease, the prevalence of which in Solapur city has reduced considerably over the duration of this project." -From the Preface by Dr. Jal Mehta

Prevention of Disability: Guidelines for Leprosy Control Programmes. London: International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP), 1993. Booklet with black and white illustrations, 45 pp., prepared by the ILEP Medical Commission, Leprosy Control Discipline. Available from ILEP, 234 Blythe Road, London W14 OHJ, England.

"Substantial progress is now being made through MDT toward the elimination of leprosy as a public health problem. But it is self-evident that eliminating the disease will have no practical meaning for existing cases unless we protect them against the development of increasing disability.

"This admirably short booklet is published with the conviction that prevention of increasing disabilities due to leprosy is almost always possible and always cost-effective. Prevention of disabilities does not require elaborate equipment or high technology, but it does demand close cooperation between well-informed patients and well-trained staff.

"This is a blunt, direct and dogmatic 'how-to-do-it' booklet. If you want practical help for yourself and your patients, this is where to find it. If you want to study the philosophy of prevention you will need to look elsewhere.

"You are encouraged to use the text and the illustrations in this booklet to develop your own management tools, staff training and patient education materials. The book needs to be adapted to the cultural context in which it is to be used, but please do not change any of the technical recommendations without carefully thinking through why you think a change will be an improvement. If you are able to make improvements and prove they are improvements, please let us know.

"This book clearly owes a great deal to Preventing Disability in Leprosy Patients by Jean Watson, but many others have contributed, especially members of ILEP Medical Commission Leprosy Control Discipline working groups. It has been published under the auspices of the ILEP Medical Commission because we believe it has the potential to make a difference in the lives of many patients. This potential will become reality as you practice the recommendations it contains." -Preface by Dr. W. Felton Ross, Chair, ILEP Medical Commission

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