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Minutes of the ILA council meeting

S. K. Noordeen; C. S. Walter

9 August 2002
Salvador, Brazil

The newly elected and constituted Council of International Leprosy Association met in Hotel Bahia, Salvador, Brazil at 13:30 Hrs on August 9, 2002.

The Council was duly constituted in the General Assembly of International Leprosy Association which met at 10:00 Hrs on August 9, 2002.

Following members of the Council were present and signed the roll call:



The President Dr. S. K. Noordeen opened the meeting with his remarks regarding challenges ahead and soliciting everyone's cooperation.

No formal agenda was prepared for this meeting and the President took up some important issues in hand.

Affiliation of National Associations:

A number of National Associations have expressed desire to be affiliated with International Leprosy Association. A discussion ensued and it was felt thai there are significant benefits like mutual cooperation, better communication, etc. It will also help in membership drive and empower National Associations to be more effective.

ILA2002:1 Resolved to make constitutional provision to offer affiliations to National Associations at the Institutional membership fee of US $ 120 per annum.

ILA2002:2 It was further resolved to accept the application of IDEA, Indian Association of Leprologists and SOCIEDADE BRASILEIRA DE HANSENOLOGIA and offer them affiliation to International Leprosy Association with immediate effect.

Membership Fee: The Council over the years is concerned that membership of ILA is static and there has hardly been any major effort to increase its membership. There may be several reasons for this. But it was felt that main reason is the membership fee of US $ 80 per annum which is beyond the reach of potential members from developing world. It was also noted that 16 new members have joined ILA as recorded in ILA booth during International Leprosy Congress. It was the consensus among members that lowering the membership fee will attract more members. Moreover the printing of International Journal of Leprosy is the main cost for ILA to bear which can be reduced by the journal going '"Online."

ILA2092:3 Resolved That the Treasurer Dr. Paul Saunderson will prepare a business plan by 31 st October 2002 to indicate a reasonable level of new membership fee. It was further resolved to explore other modes of payment to enable members from developing world (who may not have access to US dollar) to pay their membership fee.

Better Communication: Improving communication among members received much attention. Dr. David Scollard spelled out wide possibilities in this area.

ILA2002:4 Resolved that all available modalities to improve communication amongst members and to the wider communities interested in the Leprosy world be used eg. Website, Email. Telelink, etc. and Dr. Paul Saunderson and editor Dr. David Scollard to sjive further details.

Constitution Review: There was considerable discussion on the functioning of the ILA Council. It was felt that democratic process and transparency must be strengthened. There was also the issue of the frequency of the International Congress. There was consensus that the provisions of constitution require review to achieve greater transparency and democratic functioning.

ILA2002:5 Resolved to establish a Constitution Review Committee consisting of Dr. S. K. Noordeen, President, Dr. C. S. Walter, Secretary. Dr. Paul Saunderson, Treasurer, Dr. David Scollard, Editor, Dr. Judith Justice and Prof. Lechat to review the present Constitution and bring forward recommendations to strengthen democratic functioning of ILA.

AOB: It was felt that draft minutes of ILA Council held on 4th August 2002 and ILA General Assembly held on 9th August 2002 (taken down by Dr. Piet Feenstra) and ILA Council of 9th August 2002 be circulated as soon as possible.

Dr.. Wim van Brakel felt that a separate forum for Rehabilitation/Social Aspects would be good.

There being no other business the meeting was closed.


Dr. S. K. Noordeen
President, ILA

Dr. C. S. Walter
Secretary. ILA

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