• Volume 71 , Number 4
  • Page: 356


Due to an editing oversight in the September issue of 2003 (Vol 71.3), the title of the original article by C. K. Job, Gregory McCormick, David Scollard, and Richard Truman (p. 231) was misspelled. The correct title of the article is “Electron Microscope Appearance of Lepromatous Footpads of Nude Mice.” The editorial staff apologizes for any inconvenience this error may have caused.

In the September 2003 issue of the Journal, an error occurred in the original article by Dr. Kaur, et. al., entitled, “‘Relatively spared zones’in leprosy: a clinicopathological study of 500 patients.” The footnote to Table 2 should have read: “*TT, tuberculoid leprosy; BT, borderline tuberculoid; BB, borderline; BL, borderline lepromatous; LL, lepromatous leprosy.” We apologize for the error.

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