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  • Volume 69 , Number 4
  • Page: 359

Dr. Jal Mehta

Cyrus Poonawalla

It is with profound grief that we have to inform you of the sad demise of our Hon. President, Dr. Jal Mehta, on the morning of Saturday, 13th October, 2001, after a brief illness. Dr. Mehta suffered a sudden massive brain haemorrhage on Monday, 8th October, from which he did not recover.

Dr. Mehta's work in leprosy- medical, social relief, research and rehabilitation- during his tenure of more than 40 years of voluntary and honorary service, brought the Dr. Bandorawalla Leprosy Hospital and its associated rehabilitation and allied projects to national and international fame.

I am sure you are aware that his achievements in the field of leprosy have been nationally and internationally acclaimed:

The removal of the taboo on leprosy patients, starting by calling them "leprosy patients" and not "lepers."

By his rehabilitation work he has raised these leprosy patients (from the weakest of the weaker section of society) to men and women who can stand on their own feet, earn well, and this has increased their self-esteem to that of any other human being.

His dedication and devotion to leprosy will always be remembered and we shall all miss this architect of PDLC.


- Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla

Hon. Vice-President
Poona District Leprosy Committee
35, "Manisha Terrace," 2-A
Moledina Road
Pune 411 001, India

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