• Volume 72 , Number 4
  • Page: 424–5

Images from the History of Leprosy


An overview of the Schieffelin Leprosy Research & Training Centre, Karigiri, Tamil Nadu, India, photographed in 1962. SLR&TC, better known as Karigiri," was established 50 years ago, and quickly established an international reputation as a center of training and research on medical, surgical, and laboratory aspects of leprosy. SLR&TC remains an active collaborating center in leprosy research (see News & Notes).

This photograph is part of a collection of historic photographs given to SLR&TC by the Schieffelin family. Taken in 1962 by Christa Pohlschroder Ficht, this is a digital copy of an original color print measuring 3 x 3 inches. The photograph and information are courtesy of SLR&TC, Barbara Schieffelin Powell & Mr. Justin Bossanquet-Rossen.

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