• Volume 61(4 Suppl 1) , Number 4
  • Page: 683

Scope of scientific program

The scientific program of the Congress is composed of many oral and poster sessions and also includes the presentation of seven State of the Art Lectures:

Molecular Definition of the Leprosy
Bacillus and Its Consequences
Patrick J. Brennan

The Genome of Mycobacterium leprae
Stewart T. Cole

Immunology of Leprosy:
Lessons from and for Leprosy
Tom H. M. Ottenhoff

Progress in the Chemotherapy of
Jacques-H. Grosset

Elimination of Leprosy as a
Public Health Problem
S. K. Noordeen

Not by Chemotherapy Alone
H. Srinivasan

Sustainability of Leprosy Control
Services in Low Endemic Situations
Pieter Feenstra

These lectures will be published in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEPROSY, the series beginning in the March 1994 issue.

Oral (364) and poster (409) presentations will be made in the following sessions (chair and co-chair shown in parentheses): Chemotherapy: I (Baohong Ji and Patrick Orege), II (Kiran Katoch and S. Arunthati), III (Leo Yoder and Tranquilino Fajardo), IV (Diltor Opromolla and Scott Franzblau), V (S. R. Pattyn and J. Seydel), VI (Jacques Grosset and Robert Gelber); Control and Eradication: I (Luis M. Bcchclli and Derek Lobo), II (A. K. Mukherjee and Irma Gucrra), III (Pieter Feenstra and Celio P. Motta), IV (J.-L. Cartel and X. S. Nguyen), V (V. Ekambaram and L. Lopez-Bravo), VI (Remi Verduin and R. Ganapati), VII (H. Sansarricq and A. A. Juscenko), VIII (M. F. Lechat and D. Needham-Martineau), IX (H.-Y. Li and Mohan Gupte); Epidemiology: I (Roland Ccllona and Paul Klatser), II (Paul E. M. Fine and Manuel Zuniga), III (Kumar Jesudasan and Richard Truman), IV and Clinical: I (Clovis Lombardi and Robert Hastings), II (Rubem Azulay and G.-Y. Ye), III (M. E. Duncan and J. Tercncio de las Aguas), IV (William Faber and Thomas Rea), V (Leo Yoder and Gertrude Chan); Experimental: I (Gerald Walsh and Oscar Rojas-Espinosa), II (Bobby Gormus and Jill Curtis); III and Ophthalmology: I (Fernando Orcfacc and Paul Courtright); Immunology: I (Indira Nath and Warwick Britton), II (Ram Navalkar and V. J. Mehra), III (Gilla Kaplan and T. H. M. Ottenhoff), IV (J. L. Krahenbuhl and U. Sengupta), V (Jacinto Convit and Shinzo Izumi), VI (P. R. Mahadevan and T. P. Gillis); Microbiology: I (J. Clark-Curtiss and D. L. Williams), II (M. J. Colston and V. M. Katoch), III (Patrick Brennan and Françoise Portacls), IV (P. R. Wheeler and V. Bharadwaj); Ophthalmology III and Clinical VI (M. F. R. Waters and Susan Lewallen); Pathology: I (Rudolfo Abalos and Ashok Mukherjee), II (K. V. Desikan and D. M. Scollard), III and Rehabilitation VIII (C. K. Job and Ian A. Crée); Psychosocial: I (Tom Frist and Gunnar Bjune), II (Anwei Skinsnes-Law and Emanuel Faria), III (Soledad Grino and Penny Grewal), IV (Judith Justice and K. Mutatkar), V and Ophthalmology II (Margaret Brand and M. V. Thomas); Rehabilitation: I (H. Srinivasan and Ben Naafs), II (P. D. Samson and James Birke), III (Jean Watson and Linda Lehman), IV (Judith Bell-Krotoski and Wim Brandsma), V (Frank Duerksen and Samuel Solomon), VI (Paul Brand and D. D. Palande), VII (Roland Kazen and Atal Shah); Training: I (Jal Mehta and A. Colin McDougall), II (Paul Som- merfeld and Richard Friedericks).

We appreciate the assistance of all of those participating in the Congress-be it by chairing a session, by presenting a paper or poster, by attending. It is this participation by leprosy workers from all over the world that makes the Congress meaningful and worthwhile. - Robert C. Hastings, Secretary for Science

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