• Volume 61(4 Suppl 1) , Number 4
  • Page: 676

The International Leprosy Association - sixty-two years of service

The International Leprosy Association (ILA) is an international organization comprised of professionals actively connected with leprosy work. Also known by its French and Spanish equivalent names, Association Internationale contra la Lepre and Asociación Internacional de la Lepra, the organization was established in 1931.

ILA objectives are to encourage collaboration between persons of all nationalities concerned with leprosy work, to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge of leprosy and its control, to cooperate with any institution or organization concerned with leprosy, to help in any other practicable manner the antileprosy campaign throughout the world, and to publish a scientific journal of leprosy.

The International Leprosy Association is governed by an elected President. He or she is assisted by the immediate Past President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, four Vice-Presidents (one from each major geographical region of the world) and by the Editor of the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEPROSY. The INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEPROSY AND OTHER MYCOBACTERIAL DISEASES, official organ of the ILA, has been continuously published since 1933. There is a Council made up of these officers and 15 elected members selected on the basis of geographical representation.

In recent decades, a Congress of the International Leprosy Association has been convened approximately every 5 years. Previous Congresses include:



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