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  • Volume 61 , Number 4
  • Page: 629

Dr. Grasset replies for the Isoprodian Study Group

Jacques H. Grosset

To the Editor:

The questions raised by Dr. Verduin arc highly pertinent. However they are difficult to answer. First, the majority of the patients included in the Isoprodian study were not newly diagnosed patients. Second, the study was not a field trial but, to the contrary, a double-blind controlled clinical trial aiming to demonstrate whether or not the addition of isoniazid was detrimental. Only patients selected for possible supervised daily intake of drugs were included. Therefore, in their conclusion, the authors have been careful enough neither to extrapolate their findings to routine field conditions nor to recommend that thioamidc-containing regimens should replace the World Health Organization-recommended regimens.


- Jacques H. Grosset, M.D.

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