Vol. 53 N° 2 - Apr/May/Jun - 1985


3- Thalidomide-effect on T cell subsets as a possible mechanism of action

B. Moncada; M. L. Baranda; R. Gonzβlez-Amaro; R. Urbina; C. E. Loredo

6- Inhibition of antibody-dependent, cell-mediated cytotoxicity by serum from lepromatous leprosy patients

Silvia S. de la Barrera; Maria del C. Sasiain; J. Geffner; M. A. Isturiz; Amada Segal-Eiras; Maria M. de E. de Bracco

7- Serum immunoglobulins, including igg subclasses, in Vietnamese leprosy patients

E. P. Wright; A. Vlug; H. G. M. Geertzen; Hoang Thuy Long; Nguyen Diem Hong

9- Muramidase (lysozyme) findings in sural and radial nerve biopsies in leprosy patients after varying periods of treatment

Redda Teckle Haimanot; A. Colin McDougall; Robert N. Mshana; Johs G. Andersen; Ayele Belehu

11- Psychosocial stress in hansen's disease: a comparison with other chronic illness patients

Vernon M. Bahlinger; Philip J. Brantley; Daniel R. Madrigal; Mary W. Heroman; Marie C. Veitia

12- The patient with sensory loss

William C. Coleman; Daniel R. Madrigal

13- Serum enzymatic changes following infection of mice with Mycobacterium lepraemurium

Oscar Rojas-Espinosa; Antonina Oltra; Patricia Arce; Irais Mendez

14- Biochemical alterations in the serum of armadillos (Dasypus novemcinctus) infected with Mycobacterium leprae. A preliminary report

Oscar Rojas-Espinosa; F. Quesada-Pascual; Antonina Oltra; Patricia Arce; S. Estrada-Parra; Thomas M. Buchanan

15- Experimental leprosy in the mangabey(Cercocebus atys): necropsy findings

Gary B. Baskin; Robert H. Wolf; Bobby J. Gormus; Louis N. Martin; Gerald P. Walsh; Chapman H. Binford; Wayne M. Meyers; Raga Malaty


16- Editorials

P. H. Lagrange; J. L. Stach

17- Understanding of leprosy in ancient China

Olaf K. Skinsnes; Peter H. C. Chang







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